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landscape services from justin gent
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Whatever lifestyle you live, and design you enjoy, having a lush green lawn in your garden is always very satisfying.

It’s also a very economic material to use, covering large areas of land and great for baby-proofing your back garden!

Depending on the type of finish you want, or the purpose your new lawn will serve, its important to use the right kind of turf, we will discuss what grades to use that will give you a bowling green finish or a tough durable child resistant lawn!

Tip : 'hard' landscaping such as decking, paving, paths, etc can be the most expensive option; if you expect to be working to a tight budget then you should consider turfing or gravel.

Justin Gent of Aura Landscaping provides complete landscaping solutions that combine youthful vision with professional experience designed to unlock the potential your garden space conceals. Services provided by Aura Landscaping include garden design, maintenance and related horticulture / horticultural components, fencing, turfing and planting. Services include garden design, urban garden design, pond design and renovation as well as full garden makeovers. Contracts carried out in Essex, Kent, Suffolk and Greater London.